This is a scene from Pyongyang, North Korea. It seems Pyongyang has no shortage of grey. If the nations of the world were just willing to pay serious money for grey, perhaps Kim Jong-il would be appeased and could live out his days hunting the tooth fairy with big defective weapons. Sadly, that is not to be.

The picture was taken by a Russian web designer visiting North Korea. You can find more of his pictures here. I find it hard to not find it interesting to see pictures of the very oppressed and secretive nation launching test missiles. I found the pictures earlier tonight on the Cult of Bush website, Powerline. Have a look at the post. When I first read it, I found myself locked in a brief state of bemused horror as I glanced across the words “North Korea is a perfect reproduction of the year 1950” just above a picture of a garden filled with the heroic statues of North Korean Olympians. Irony died a few years back, so there is no need to get excited. It’s just interesting to read an authoritarian cultist quoting a personal observation from one of the world’s most authoritarian nations, comparing that nation to the alleged dream decade of the garden variety authoritarian cultist. Odd, really.

I realize I’m pulling on way too many loose and unrelated threads here. Somebody should be along shortly with something interesting to say. Until then, talk amongst yourselves.

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