Welcome back!

This week we’ll be starting an entirely new project.  (drum roll)  Seen directly below is a scene from southern Utah.  Utah has more square miles of dramatic scenery than anywhere else I’ve been.  Depicted is a butte in one of the many start parks in the region.  It is called Wild Horse Butte.

As usual, this cycle will, once again, follow the progress of a painting of the scene from start to finish.  Although this photo is not my own, I have spent a considerable time in the area viewing many similar scenes.  (I’ll be there again later on this year.)

Seen below is the early stage of the painting.  It is essentially a silhouette of the butte.  Note that I will likely adjust the proportions and lose some slope on the left side.  The butte is currently pointy and a bit to rigidly straight.  This too will change.  (Nothing is written in stone at this point, haha.)  But this provides a starting point.  

This painting is being done on an canvas appropriate to the subject, long and narrow.  It is 10×20.        

Next week I’ll be back with another exciting installment of this series.  See you then.

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