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we honor courage in all its forms

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A young Iraqi man comforts his mother who suffered wounds in crossfire during street fights, Sunday, July 9, 2006, in the Jihad area of western Baghdad, Iraq. Gunmen stopped cars in western Baghdad, grabbing people from the street and separating Sunni Arabs from the rest, killing at least 41 people, police said, in a dramatic escalation of sectarian violence in the country. The attack in the dangerous Jihad neighborhood was apparently in retaliation for the car bombing the night before of a local Shiite mosque.
(AP Photo/Mohammed Hato)

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An injured Iraqi woman whispers to her son as she waits for treatment at Baghdad’s Yarmouk hospital. Ten people were killed in a bomb and mortar attack in a Shiite district of Baghdad as sectarian violence showed no let-up a day after 61 people were killed in apparent tit-for-tat attacks
(AFP/File/Ahmad Al-Rubaye)

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Birds Again
by Jim Harrison

A secret came a week ago though I already
knew it just beyond the bruised lips of consciousness.
The very alive souls of thirty-five hundred dead birds
are harbored in my body. It’s not uncomfortable.
I’m only temporary habitat for these not-quite-
weightless creatures. I offered a wordless invitation
and now they’re roosting within me, recalling
how I had watched them at night
in fall and spring passing across earth moons,
little clouds of black confetti, chattering and singing
on their way north or south. Now in my dreams
I see from the air the rumpled green and beige,
the watery face of earth as if they’re carrying
me rather than me carrying them. Next winter
I’ll release them near the estuary west of Alvarado
and south of Veracruz. I can see them perching
on undiscovered Olmec heads. We’ll say goodbye
and I’ll return my dreams to earth.

– – –
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While speaking at the YearlyKos 2006 Convention in Los Vegas, former Virginia Governor Mark Warner said (and I paraphrase from memory): “George Bush, incompetent idiot, blah blah blah, went to war in Iraq when the real threat is in Iran.” (my emphasis)

There was a brief pause after his statement, and I regret that I wasn’t brave or quick-witted enough to yell “Bullshit!” into the silence. But the moment passed, Warner picked up his next thread in perfect cadence, and I bit into my box lunch apple.

So now what?

I’m gonna let him know that I think his statement is bullshit, and why. I’m starting here. If anyone knows of other ways, please put them in this thread.


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