By Geoff Rutledge

100% of the net proceeds associated with this project benefit Veterans for Peace in support of their anti-war efforts.

“Take Me Home” is an enhanced CD – the accompanying award-winning video can be viewed on either a PC or Mac. Cinematographer Mark Howard. “Take Me Home” is available for purchase at these local retail outlets: Do Re Mi records in Carmel, Recycled Records in Monterey, Etc.Etc.Etc. in Santa Cruz. Available online at CD Baby.

Direct Link To View At You Tube Site To Rate and Comment If You So Wish.

This is a production of Ardens Garden with a number of Anti-War/Pro-Peace Music Artist Contributing their songs. Can also be purchased from Ardens Garden.

Why are these Video’s, mostly produced not by the professionals but by just Regular Folks who want to Love and Respect their Country but feel So Betrayed by those we Hire to Lead, so important?

They are the Reality of a War that we No Longer can view on Any of the Oh So Many so called Journalistic MSM News Programs/Channels that exist today.

These are the Reality those of us who were sent to, and the population of this country, viewed almost Everyday of another Debacle of Invasion of an Innocent Country, Vietnam, that this Country Still Hasn’t Come To Terms With!

Long before we had the 24/7 of CNN, MSNBC, FOX and any others that have come along since than, giving us Less News and only Singular Opinion of those they describe as Experts, a handfull of Empty/Emotionaless Faces with Empty/Hollow Words arguing instead of talking and listening.

Such as the Following:

All is Not Okay

A tribute to Douglas Barber, an Iraq vet who lost hs life to shortly after returning from Iraq. music by Seether. (warning this video contains graphic images of the war)

Direct Link To View At You Tube Site To Rate and Comment If You So Wish.

Support-IVAW in Honor to Douglas Barber, All who have perished In-Country or upon Returning taken their own lives, All who have been Maimed Physically and Mentally-PTSD, All the Tens Of Thousands of Iraqi Innocents who are no longer there to Help Rebuild ‘Their’ Country from the Destruction We Are Responsible For, Especially The Children, and those also Maimed Physically and Mentally-PTSD!

Support-IVAW in that which they are Continuing their Service to Country:

Veteran’s Summer Reconstruction Collective
Sweat with us this summer as we work in Louisiana with relief organizations including Bayou Liberty Relief and Common Ground. We will be building relationships with people in the hurricane-affected areas as we work together to repair a severely damaged and neglected area of our country. If you agree that the needs to bring our brave military women and men home from and focus our great resources on rebuilding here at home instead of demolishing in foreign countries, we need you!….More

And all the endeavors they will take on in the Future!

Visit their site, if you haven’t, to learn more about this growing band of Patriotic Veterans still giving to Society and Country! Once committed, in joining to Defend, they will continue to keep their voices and actions in the forefront of What This Country Should Be, not what it thinks it is and now has grown to be so rapidly, Hated By Many, Feared By Many!

There are many out there producing The Reality, such as the Brave Youngster Ava at Peace Takes Courage or the Young Veteran Tom Chelston of Tom Songs, producing not only the Video’s but using his Own Songs giving even more feeling to his artistic work. You also have The Blasted Reality Network or Dick Eats bush {can’t bring myself to capitalize the b of this little souless man!}. There is also NamGuardianAngel – Kathie Costos who has a site Here, her Blog Here and has produced her own Video’s found Here. Than of course you have one of the ‘Grandfathers’ of this Artistic Work’, a young man Eric of bushFlash, who’s many personal flashvideo’s you can view Here and will be shutting down his site at the end of this month for a number of reasons but probably, as you can read at his lastest entry at his Site about the Horrible Atrosity Committed by U.S. Soldiers on fifteen-year-old Abeer Qasim Hamza and part of her family, from Burnout and Disgust! I’m sure his Talented Video’s will be Archived, as they are all over the Net as are the many he has hosted and produced by others, and I’m sure we haven’t seen the Last of His Work.
Than you have Truthout-Multimedia producing their own News Video’s of what you won’t see on the so called MSM, keeping us informed.

We also have some like Thomas Barton, Vietnam Vet, who have brought back the G.I. Newsletters, produced on bases in Vietnam and the U.S. and around this world, on the G.I. movement Against the Vietnam War as seen now in the Documentary Sir! No Sir! to long kept quite by this country and denied by it’s citizens. Thomas gives the Raw News of the New Generation of Debacles, Iraq and Afganistan, in his up to date Newsletters which can be found at Military Project {site now up after being shutdown for quite awhile} and at Traveling Soldier.

There are many many more being produced and hosted on individual sites and there are individual works hosted on places like You Tube. If you have any others list them, for these should be shared and passed on To Bring The Reality of Man’s Destructive Nature in More Ways Than Just Words-Propaganda-Lies!!

We, as a Nation, should be Leading by the Real Examples of Peace-Freedom-and Democracy ‘Of The People’!

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