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Government isn’t so much growing as it is being managed. Government is being managed for profit.

Say it again: Government isn’t growing, it’s being managed for profit.

That’s the problem, isn’t it?

I sure as hell think it is. Stick with me a minute here and I’ll tell you why.
The Cheap Labor Lobby, the Freemarketeers, are trying to tear the power of self governance from the people. They believe that Government has no right to:

* establish justice

Give us Jail Markets and restrict citizen access to courts.

* insure domestic tranquility

Privatize Police Forces, Market based medicine, Freemarket Environmentalism

* provide for the common defense

Export Security Markets, Overextend our Military, Peddle Guns to Tyrants

* promote the general welfare

Private Water Supply, Roads, Schools, No food regulation, no consumer protections

* secure the blessings of liberty

Tax Cuts for the Rich, Intentional Record Deficits, disposable labor

See, the Cheap Labor Lobby and the Freemarketeers don’t believe that the Constitution is more important than markets.

Protecting its people and representing their interests is something that a Government must not do!


American Democracy is supposed to be the will of the people. Our government is supposed to protect its people. Freemarketeers say that government must be shrunk to where it is small enough to be drown in a bathtub.

What does that say about what those freemarketeers must think about people?

It says that they don’t give a shit. Poor people, scared people, hungry people, all that means to them is Cheap Labor.

Our president, and his Freemarketeer friends on both sides of the aisle in the Cheap Labor Lobby talk about ‘competing with China’

“Our economy must compete with China.” They say.

Knowing that there are no worker protections in China, and competing in a world of grow or die, and ever decreasing margins, and dwindling resources, how do you think that is going to shake out; that competition for Cheap Labor?

Chinese workers make $2 a day if their lucky. They are hired and fired. Work 7 days a week. Have no homes. They are kidnapped and traded in labor markets.

We make $5.25 an hour minimum and have some human rights. How do we compete?

We are being dragged into a  Cheap Labor Race to the Bottom with China, and I’m not very confident in my rights as aconsumer. This is a race we must not enter. It’s lunacy.  

Our goverment is being managed for profit, and the American Citizen has been reduced to a Consumer of Government. I think there are many Freemarketeers on both sides of the aisle, that have made that very statement about how government should view people: as consumers.

We are not participants, we are not citizens, we are not human beings, we are consumers. Thank you for buying my product. Come again.

Oh here’s a rebate check.

We need to be citizens and not consumers.

Government needs to be managed for people not for profit.