And no, I am not talking chromosomes.  WaPo talked about the new generation as the “y” generation.  It labeled them as “passionate”.  What do you think are the labels for the various generations and where do you stand?

I am sometimes listed as a baby boomer, although I was born in ’41 before the war ended.  I don’t think of myself as a boomer, but as a transition person.

What is your story about your generation?

More on flip:
Mine is growing up in an empty country – Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico.  These three states were full of characters, (like the one legged bootlegger in Texas) but then the “yuppies” took over.  The states are brimming now with people.  And those people are colder, more uniform and less interesting in my eyes (boy, talk about prejudice!(of course it IS hard to compete with a one-legged bootlegger))  Mostly these impressions are from the ’80s which seemed to be a start on self centered thinking.

I know I am missing some categories in poll.  Let me know what they are and I will add them.  And if you feel you were a transition, i.e. not really in synch with your generation, then put yourself into one of the transition categories.

Thanks for indulging me in my curiosity.

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