I have been partially paralyzed for ten years – tried every medical and  esoteric treatment for a cure that I could find. At this point in my affliction I conclude that stem cell research is my only hope of recovery.

Everybody knows that george plans to veto whatever stem cell bill Congress sends him.

The show will go on from the rose garden this afternoon.

I’m asking for your help in contacting your members of Congress and urging them to over-ride this veto.  This could be the victory we have long waited for.  The majority of Americans want the hope that stem cell research gives us in treating so many illnesses – Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke, MS, etc.
It’s time for us to send the radicals packing.  The deaths of our soldiers and the destruction of our soul (New Orleans) not to mention global shame, hasn’t provoked enough response so far.  But I’m hoping that this blatant theft of our future health will be the tipping point.  The media will not ignore this, they are people too.  

Please join me in telling your representatives in Washington that we are tired of rule by the radical right.  Tell them that one of our fundamental rights as Americans is hope in the future.

Congress.org has the final vote  and they can connect you to your representative.  Thank you.

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