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PatriotDaily brings up in his diary Global Warming Impacts TODAY In USA: It’s a Woolly Payback one aspect of the global warming picture that doesn’t recieve very much attention except by certain cirlces of the scientific community.

That subject is seismic changes caused to the crust of the earth. To expand a little more on how this could affect the USA directly in the near to far future I thought I would bring up the subject of how there is a “Planet Killer” that you never see mentioned by the American MSM or Government and resides in the heart of America.

The reason why it is never mentioned will after you read this diary be very obvious. 9/11, the War in Iraq, Hurricane Katrina and the current conflict in the Middle East are pimples of Human Stupidity compared to the disaster that is just waiting to happen in America and to the rest of the world.
About two months ago I watched a video called Supervolcano which was made in Canada and never aired in America. The story was based on scientific fact and historical research.

Many people in America are not aware that the “worlds largest active volcano” is located right under Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks and is monitored by the Yellowstone Earthquake and Seismic Activity Center.  

The mass of magma under this area is called a Caldera. The Caldera in this case is about forty miles wide.

The discussion that an eruption in this area could trigger a “planet killer size event” in the worst case scenario is a matter of scientific fact.

The only discussion by the scientific community is “WHEN IT IS GOING TO OCCUR”.

Recently the Norris Geyser Basin which geologist watch very closely for changes has experienced a “swelling of the earth” similar to the precursor of an eruption. The Yellowstone Volcano Observatory recently added seismic and gps sensors to monitor the changes occurring in the Norris Geyser Basin.

If this area was to erupt today all life within 300 miles of eruption would cease to exist within the first 4 to 12 hours of the eruption. The ash cloud would cover an area from as far south as Colorado and as far north to the middle of Canada.

New York and most of the eastern seaboard would see an ash fall of 2 to 3 inches within the first 12 to 72 hours.

Chicago would see an ash fall of 6 to 8 inches also in the first 8 to 48 hours depending on wind speed and weather conditions at the time of the first eruption.

Power grids would collapse as ash coats everything on the grid. People fleeing south or north on roads and freeways would find themselves in a death trap as the ash clogs the engines of their cars.

Those who stayed put hoping to “ride it out” would within days realize that the halt of all transportation in and out of their area has ceased completely. Ground Water and Water pumping stations would cease to function due to contamination. Food supply to any area would cease for lack of an effective way to provide relief

As Food supplies run out those who have not died from suffocation by the ash cloud would find themselves homeless as homes and buildings collapse from the weight of the accumulating ash.

Remember it’s raining what is in effect very fine concrete. It’s in the air you breath, the water you drink and the food you eat now. There is no escape and no relief. You’ll be on your own.

Now if one volcano wasn’t enough. Now it goes from bad to the worst case scenario.

The first eruption could also trigger more eruptions all along the fault line that lies under the Caldera. These additional eruptions (each a separate volcano) could act like a “zipper” opening the entire Caldera. The magma in the Caldera would continue to erupt until the pressure the magma is under is relieved.

The whole process once it reaches this “zipper” stage would become a “Planet Killer Event” with an ash cloud covering the entire northern hemisphere. Over time the southern hemisphere would also experience the effects of this ash cloud. This is an event that would plunge the entire world into a new and very deadly ice age within 6 to 8 months of the first eruption in the Norris Basin.

The seismic bounce back effect of the melting of the polar ice mass PatriotDaily’s diary brings up could very well trigger the shift in the fault under the Caldera and set off this series of events.

Terrorism pales to insignificances in the light of scientific fact and the global changes that will change the landscape of the this small planet humanity lives on in near future.

Homeland Security will be America’s biggest joke ever as most of America becomes an unlivable wasteland covered in volcanic ash. Millions upon millions of Americans will die with the world dying in stages after the event.

The questions are;

Who will be left to care about making war based on the differences of religious, political, racial beliefs?

What will it matter what you own when money becomes only a forgotten concept as all economic systems fail?

When this series of events begin to occur do you believe for one second the US government is going warn anyone or have an evacuation and survival plan in place based on it’s long record of always being reactive instead of proactive?

The ash cloud is an equal opportunity catastrophe for every land mass in the world. Those who survive will create a new world. One that I hope is much better than the world of greed, corruption and self interest that ignores the suffering of all humanity as this world of today does.

If you get the chance go enjoy the Grand Beauty of Yellowstone National Park but remember that under the ground lies the potential death of a planet.

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