Tonight at 7 PST and 10 EST, Link TV will be doing another special edition of Mosaic.  Mosaic is a really cool show that brings together news segments from all over the Middle East.
I went to a live filming of Mosaic in San Francisco on Friday. What they do with the special “Insight” show is bring together people from various sides of the issue to comment on the show. Audience members can call in or email questions. At the show I went to they took questions from all over the country and across the political spectrum.

Link TV is a satellite channel:


DISH Ch 9410

If you don’t have satellite TV, you can view the streaming version here.

Link TV has also been doing a lot of documentaries related to the Israel/Lebanon conflict this week – check out their web site for more details.

Link TV doesn’t receive Federal funding, and they operate on a shoestring budget. They have virtually no advertising. It would really help them if people passed this info along.

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