When I was at the Philly book signing for Crashing the Gates, a Casey staffer came warily up to me and said something to the effect, “Pleased to meet you, BooMan, I’m so-and-so from Casey’s staff…I know you’re not exactly our biggest fans.”

This was the point where I lit into him for Casey’s position on gay rights and accused him of pandering to get the Human Rights Campaign endorsement. That’s when the staffer gave me some spiel about Casey having some kind of epiphany on gay rights and how it’s never too late to get on the correct side of an issue. I just rolled my eyes at the guy and said, “Pleeeeze.”

How far is Casey willing to go to defend gay rights? This might give you a clue. My analysis? Scaredy-fucking-pants.

Casey is a step up from Santorum. Of that there is no doubt. But he is no friend of gays. Or women. Never again are we going to allow them to clear the field for a candidate like Bob Casey in a state like Pennsylvania. We’ll go all Lamont on their ass.