Congessional candidate Gary Hooser is saying all the right things:This is a quote from Gary Hooser’s great diary on Kos.  Check it out here:

“I am running for this seat because our country and world is headed in a direction that must be reversed and it must happen soon. I would like to be an agent for change in Washington D.C. working for peace, justice and sustainability. I could say “fighting” for peace, justice and sustainability…but somehow…saying “fighting” for peace just doesn’t seem to fit.

I consider myself a pragmatic idealist and my track record in Hawaii is clear and unambiguous. I co-sponsored a state resolution against the war in Iraq prior to the start of the war and remain committed to begin now withdrawing our troops. On issues of privacy and personal, civil and human rights my voting record at the state level is clear and strong in the protection of those rights. On issues of the environment, the Hawaii Sierra Club recently recognized me as having the best environmental voting record of the entire state senate. Additional information on my background and record can be found on the website.

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