Barry Welsh the Congressional Candidate for Indiana’s 6th district was just interviewed by Stuart O’Neill for Stuart O’Neill’s Political Interviews.  It is the second time in two months that he has been interviewed for this site, and Jack Carter, Senate Candidate from Nevada is going to be interviewed tomorrow.   I will post a link in the comments section when it comes up as I had hoped it would be up by now.
Mike Pence, who Barry is challenging voted against The Minimum Wage the other day, and here is his reason and one line of Barry’s response from the Muncie Star

Pence calls wage hike excessive


MUNCIE — Republican Congressman Mike Pence voted against the first minimum wage hike in a decade, saying it was too costly for business.
“Any proposal containing a minimum wage increase should be jobs neutral,” said Pence on the House floor. “This increase in the minimum wage is excessive and will hurt the poor and those entering the workforce by reducing the number of entry-level positions.”
Democratic congressional candidate Barry Welsh has been critical of Pence opposing an increase in the minimum wage. Welsh supports as much as a $1.50 hike in minimum wages.
“Congress had no trouble voting for their own cost of living wage, but then forget about those that are struggling just to survive,” said Welsh, a Methodist minister.

This is great, we are getting some support from some local press, the individuals that we have as volunteers to our campaign; teachers, professors, attorneys, web design staff, college interns…wow when I look at the list of unique and politically active folks with our campaign it’s really amazing.  We have the best professional volunteer staff one could ever hope for in a million years.  We have received support from the state party, they have kindly donated the VAN listings each month rather than we pay for them. We’ve been linked by the DCCC on their website as well as now regularly receiving the Congressional talking points and issue updates. We have numerous folks showing up at all the events that we go to.  We are now able to assemble and tear down our parade float (91 Ford pickup) in approx. 10 mins.  We call it (proudly) the working person’s float for the working person’s candidate. We have banners, we have our parade folks made up of retirees, and college interns and we are so well received wherever we go.  

Yesterday, we participated in the Connersville, IN parade – that’s a long parade route in Fayette Co. (There are always updates on Barry’s site)It was also approx. 90+ degrees with a heat index of over 100+ degrees.  I was sweating rather than glowing.  We were in line and one of the other candidates, Dale Lanning who is running for Indiana State Rep. in Dist. #55 had a convertible for Barry to ride on (due to the weather and the length of the parade route).  After much encouragement, Barry agreed to ride in the convertible and his campaign crew would follow in our “parade float” of which I am the driver and the rest of the crew are walkers.  Well we get about 3 blocks out of the starting point and going down some of the main intersections and Barry couldn’t stand it any more – I shook my head and laughed.  That’s my Barry, he can’t sit still – he needs to talk to people and engage in his fellow residents of the district.  So he jumps out of the car and there is Barry running to shake hands and dole out dog biscuits and crossing the road to shake hands with everyone on both sides of the street, criss crossing to make sure he shakes as many hands as possible.  Getting and giving hugs from supporters and long time friends, while introducing himself to as many new faces as possible.  

We have set up a pretty cool audio system on the truck and we’ve burned our own parade music and every 2nd or 3rd track is a radio ad that Barry cut just prior to the primary.  It’s a 60 second ad telling people who Barry is and his issues that he’s a democrat and he’s running against Mike Pence.  We then have our interns handing out our flyers to everyone in attendance so people, hear about Barry, read about Barry and see Barry. I was getting stopped by folks in the crowd wanting me to give them yard signs and others are loving the Edwin Star song called War which is part of our `audio messages’ and then we have 16 Tons by Tennessee Ernie Ford and AC/DCs Back in Black and a String of Pearls by Benny Goodman as well as few country songs too.  Everyone can hear us coming a mile away and they know we are coming.  Every 4 minutes we have Barry’s commercial and man it’s effective.  I couldn’t get over how many people wanted us to stop and talk to them or stop and acknowledge them and their support.  Nothing makes Barry’s day as when he feels he has reached out to the people, and heard what needs to be heard.  

It’s really funny though, on Pence’s website, he was showing pictures of himself walking parade routes and insinuating that he personally was at the same parades we have attended.  Wow he’s so quick too, he has even reported attending a parade (with pictures too) that didn’t happen yet – imagine that!!!  These pictures are all from two years ago.

We need Barry Welsh in Congress and I would like to remind all that even though you may not be able to vote for him, REMEMBER – who ever holds a congressional seat effects everyone everywhere!  This is the year folks, and we all need to stick together to make a change if for no other date in time but on the day of the General Election of 2006.  We MUST get the vote out and everyone who isn’t registered needs to be registered.
Here is Barry’s website please email this to everyone you know.  You never know who knows someone that lives in Indiana, or this district and can and wants to help.  It doesn’t cost you anything, email Barry’s website to everyone on your list, please.  

Have a listen to Barry and his most recent interview about minimum wage, the middle east and the lack of real leaders, it will be up soon!   Also coming soon, Barry’s Blograiser.  

Thanks for taking the time to read this diary and I hope you enjoy the interview.

Sherri Welsh
Congressional Candidates Wife

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