I wander through the world somewhat clueless most of the time.  It was a big shock to me to see that the orangatan place bans conspiracy theory diaries.  I knew that they felt that concerns about voting irregularities borders on conspiracy theories.  But political speculation is rife with conspiracy theories.  For instance, I have speculated as to why Ms. Clinton got Bill to campaign for Lieberman.  (The sentence itself is an assumption that Bill didn’t come to Lieberman because he wanted to!)  Several theories were offered by others that sounded plausible.  The main one seems to be that the “establishment” is nervous about us hoi polloi making our own damn decisions about who will govern us.  I kinda like that idea, in as much as I figger that if they are nervous they at least know we are out here!
A third believe in 9/11 conspiracy

I never have believed in the Warren Commission and when I hear folks who are supposedly more intelligent than I say that it explains everything, I realize that I don’t really think they ARE more intelligent.  For one thing, nobody HAS adequately explained either Oswald or Ruby.  At least we know WHY the 9/11 suicides took place.

It has been said that people who believe conspiracy theories are genetically prone to do so.

So I have several questions for you all.  For those of you who do not believe in ANY conspiracy, why do you think that is so?  For instance, do you have so much faith and trust in leadership that you think it is impossible for any of them to conspire or do you think that you hate to think about things like that and just don’t?

For those amongst us, like myself, who see the worst in human kind and fully expect it, are you a particular conspiracy buff or do you embrace them all?

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