I agree with dKos diarist, occam’s hatchet, who writes this:

This little election in Connecticut – with its retired folk manning the

polling places, its ballots not being counted by Diebold, its safely

Democratic Senate seat up for grabs, its  New England common sense at

work – is about something the American people have been craving for six

long years, and that the world has been desperately in need of from

this country for just as long:


Heh. Democracy is on the march. In Connecticut. And it’s scaring the crap out of the Right.

The Right is holding its breath.

The whole world is watching.

Except thanks to Lieberman, the Right isn’t frightened at all.  The establishment Democrats are frightened. 

As for the world watching, I hope that if that is true, then whoever is watching notices that when America votes in an election that is unfettered by electronic voting machines and in which the minority vote is actually encouraged – in other words, a free and fair election – the good guys win.   

Please, please, please work in your community for voter-verified paper ballots.  It’s the only way to get our Democracy back.  We can’t all vote in Connecticut in the fall.

If you live in PA: Coalition for Voting Integrity
If you live in New York: New Yorkers for Verified Voting
If you live elsewhere:  Coalition for Visible Ballots, Verified Voting, Voters Unite, which has a list of local organizations here.  It’s definitely not complete though because my Bucks County group, Coalition for Voting Integrity isn’t on it.  But it’s a start.

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