Liberal Street Fighter

Where to go, in a country that thinks it’s okay to use lethal force to protect PROPERTY?

What to do, in a country that has an arsenal that could all-but strip the crust off the planet, if you believe that human beings should TALK before shooting? Why is that a radical thought?

We, who have so much … why are we so martial? We, who have the most fearsome weapons on the planet … why do we seem the most terrified, the most insecure people on the planet? We, who have so much, who are so willing to kill for STUFF … why are we so willing to trade liberty for oppression?

What is wrong with us, that we  gleefully champion death over discussion and life?

Why is advocating for peace portrayed and accepted as some kind of disaster?

When did we become such a sick and twisted people?

These questions haunt me, and they should haunt you.

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