Bush Delivers Remarks From the State Department

… to meet the threats of the 21st century. We discussed the global war on terror. We discussed the situation on the ground in three fronts of the global war on terror: in Lebanon and Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Translation: … the U.S. are bogged down in Iraq, NATO is picking up the pieces in Afghanistan, and our most important ally Israel just got their ass kicked in Lebanon.

VP Dick Cheney eyes George Bush in a manner he would aim for a quail shot. AP Photo/Evan Vucci

BUSH: And we recognize that responsibility for this suffering lies with Hezbollah. It was an unprovoked attack by Hezbollah on Israel that started this conflict.

Hezbollah terrorists targeted Israeli civilians with daily rocket attacks. Hezbollah terrorists used Lebanese civilians as human shields, sacrificing the innocent in an effort to protect themselves from Israeli response.

    Translation: … after careful planning between our specialists in the Pentagon and Staff General Dan Halutz of Israel Defence forces, we saw fit to use the capture by Hezbollah of two soldiers at the border, to go in for an all out attack of Lebanese infrastructure, airport, power plants, bridges, housing units. Places Hezbollah would use to hide or exploit to detriment of the Lebanese civilians.

Responsibility for the suffering of the Lebanese people also lies with Hezbollah’s state sponsors, Iran and Syria. The regime in Iran provides Hezbollah with financial support, weapons and training.

Iran has made clear that it seeks the destruction of Israel. We can only imagine how much more dangerous this conflict would be if Iran had the nuclear weapon it seeks.

    Translation: … we will not let the world or the United Nations, accuse our ally in the Middle East of disproportionate warfare or the targeting with surgical strikes of Lebanese civilians in their homes, driving on military routes north or try to give support to Syria in their escape to the border. Where necessary, the IAF uses products made in the U.S.A.

    The U.S. appreciates the Israeli pilots who received training on American soil, politicians with degrees from our Universities and the appreciation of their government for accepting multi $bn support in return. Israel can also count on our mutual ally the United Kingdom of my friend ‘Yo Blair’, who wouldn’t criticise any friend of mine: Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Pakistan and Lybia, with our young friend Muammar Al-Gadaffi.

Hezbollah terrorists kidnapped two Israeli soldiers. Hamas kidnapped another Israeli soldier for a reason: Hezbollah and Hamas reject a vision of two democratic states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security.

Both groups want to disrupt the progress being made toward that vision by Prime Minister Olmert and President Abbas and others in the region. We must not allow terrorists to prevent elected leaders from working together toward a comprehensive peace agreement in the Middle East.

    Translation: … U.S. ally and friend Israel has gone ahead unabated with targeted killings of  any leader of Hamas in Gaza or Hezbollah in Lebanon. In defense of freedom and democracy, I have given authorization to PM Olmert to continue with these extrajudicial executions, allowed under the cease fire agreement signed by our UN Ambassador John Bolton, a holiday appointee.

    President Abbas of the Palestinian people has been informed of my decision, and will accept this policy as long as the suppressed people in Gaza and on the West Bank choose to vote in favor of Hamas representatives in their first democratic elections.  PM Olmert has seen fit to remind the Palestinians who is in charge in the occupied territories and has placed most legislators in a secure place for Israel’s existential prerogative.

The conflict in Lebanon is part of a broader struggle between freedom and terror that is unfolding across the region. For decades, American policy sought to achieve peace in the Middle East by promoting stability in the Middle East.

    Translation: … For decades, American policy sought to seek peace by dialogue with all parties involved in the struggle for independence and sovereignty. The U.S. was involved in the peace deals between Israel, Egypt and Jordan. They honored these agreements by naming them after my weekend retreat: Camp David. I’ve asked the first lady to renovate the place, so these talks won’t take place in my retreat during my years as President and Commander-In-Chief.

Yet, the lack of freedom in the region meant anger and resentment grew, radicalism thrived, and terrorists found willing recruits. We saw the consequences on September 11, 2001, when terrorists brought death and destruction to our country, killing nearly 3,000 of our citizens.

So we launched a forward strategy of freedom in the broader Middle East. And that strategy has helped bring hope to millions and fostered the birth of young democracies from Baghdad to Beirut.

    Translation: … Yet the lack of freedom in the region meant anger and resentment grew, radicalism thrived, and freedom fighters found willing recruits. The U.S. forward defence put the Shah on the throne in Persia, supported Saddam Hussein in his struggle against the Shia at home and across the border in Iran and fought the first Gulf War to save democracy in Kuwait, ehh .. wait a minute now. The Saudis have a democracy I guess, they have voted for the official beheadings in the city square in Riyadh. These executions will not be broadcast on my homeland Faux News networks.

    Unnamed persons who we supported in their struggle against the the Evil Empire in Afghanistan, in return brought death and destruction to our country on 911.

We see the universal desire for liberty in the 12 million Iraqis who faced down the terrorists to cast their ballots and elected a free government under a democratic constitution.

    Translation: … We see the universal desire for liberty in the 12 million Iraqis … [interruption in ear receiver] ehh … some 130,000 Iragis have been blown to bits by them insurgents. We knew they meant trouble in March 2003, they didn’t bring flowers to their liberators!

We see the universal desire for liberty in 8 million Afghans who lined up to vote for the first democratic government in the long history of their country.

    Translation: … We see the universal desire for liberty in 8 million Afghans. Just to fool us, many voted to demonstrate their displeasure with the occupiers, so we handed them to the NATO forces. The schools for education of girls and women have been closed or razed to the ground, so the NGOs can come in under a hail of Taliban gunfire and begin reconstruction.

    So my fellow Americans, sleep well because my National Security team with Darth and Condi are on the ball to prevent unnecessary victims of terror in Israel, giving PM Olmert more than a month to present the Lebanese people with a perception of freedom and democracy: THE AMERICAN WAY!

"But I will not let myself be reduced to silence."

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