Republican Congressional candidate Vernon Robinson continued his campaign of hate and bigotry, releasing a new radio spot featuring his sick and twisted idea of humor. Like a drunken bore at a company picnic who insists on telling anyone within earshot the same racist, off-color joke over and over again, Robinson, who is running in North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District, continued his one-trick-pony campaign of hate mongering with a new radio ad titled “Beverly Hill-Miller ” that parodies the TV theme song with derogatory lyrics about gays and “illegals”

Like previous ads by Robinson, this one relies on the kind of misinformation, bigotry and ignorance, that would clearly qualify as “hate-speech” in less inflammatory times. It is only in the current political climate that someone of Robinson’s ilk could possibly be the candidate of a major political party. In more rational times, he would have long been relegated to the oblivion of the political fringes as an obscure third-party kook.
Robinson first gained national attention when he started running the now infamous TV spot called “Twilight Zone” that was so far out in left-field (or right-field if you prefer) that it could not have been run as a parody on a late night comedy show without causing scandal and outrage. Attacking gays, immigrants, and “liberal judges”, the ad contains almost every inflammatory and racist stereotype in the wing-nut pantheon.

Watch “The Twilight Zone”

But it is “illegal aliens” who appear to be the focus of most of Robinson’s wrath. According to his various radio ads, immigrants are criminals who rape nuns, all collect welfare, steal Americans tax money, receive free healthcare, and refuse to speak English. Using every lie and misconception available, Robinson’s radio commercials spew out a litany of racist and hate filled statements in rapid-fire succession.  

“Mariachi Party for Gays and Illegal Aliens.”

“Beverly Hill-Miller.”

“Illegal alien rapes nun & strangles her with Rosary .”

Why the Republicans are not ashamed to have a nutcase like Robison representing them is beyond comprehension. But it is their decision to make, and they will undoubtedly have to live with the consequences.

But as rational thinking Americans we can not allow this lunatic to lend his voice to an already extreme House Republican Majority. He must be stopped. He must be sent a message that this kind of bigotry will not be tolerated.

We can do that by making sure that Brad Miller is returned to Congress from the 13th district of North Carolina.

You can help:

Brad Miller for Congress

Brad Miller Act Blue Page

From: Migra Matters – Progressive Immigration Reform

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