The local Santa Cruz Metro weekly newspaper recently contained a Peter Byrne feature titled “Your Tax Dollars Not Working,” in which he describes (in part) a meeting of the Senate Appropriations Committee he attended. The committee passes the largest military spending bill in history and:

    “But then it was time for the Bubbleheads to trim $12 billion from the ever-shrinking budget for labor, health and education…

    …”But only (Senator Robert) Byrd had the guts to try and restore money to the withered appropriation. His motion failed. But another motion passed: the senators amended the bill to encourage famous singers to voluntarily teach children how to sing “The Star Spangled Banner.”

Forget snakes on a plane. We have snakes in the Congress and White House cold-bloodedly slithering and crawling around and about, seeking greater domination and especially greater riches while obliterating individuals and community. Armed or fangless, there’s no charming these reptile offshoots. They have reduced congressional intercourse to fight or flight (Joe Liebermann should belatedly take notice that bipartisanship involves both GIVE and take as he is epitome of the gift giver left waiting and waiting for reciprocation, then accepting an IOU and finally shrugging his shoulders while he rushes off to secure another forked tongue political agreement amidst the same hope and expectation but ultimate nothingness.)
Hoarding and munching on their monopoly of forbidden fruit, all these full-fledged misanthropes offer across the aisle are the vilest of worm-filled rotten pickings. They shed agreement like they shed skin.

Jesus instructed his flock (who self-disclosingly make up close to 99% of the congressional delegation) to be as shrewd as snakes (huh?) and as innocent as doves. This current brand of Republicanism has unhinged its respective jaws and gobbled up the former while disdainfully spitting out the latter. Cleaving and segregating are specialities of this House, Senate and White House.

One need not be a herpetologist or have the scales drop from his or her eyes to recognize that these lizard wannabees are haters. Hate divides and these are renderers supreme. It’s all about them, them, them and any connection must produce benefit, be it of a fiduciary sexual or power nature. Whether it be by bite or constriction, these undulators specialize in doing damage.

Love abides but is of no political use for these wiggleys. Wrapping themselves in flag and verse, they bellow and command that others follow their dictates, all the while deafened from their chosen de-evolutionary earlessness.

The United States and other nations around the world are literally and figuratively burning while these sidewinding abominations play patriotic pattycake and, when tired of that, detrermine new targets to f*k and fk over..

I’ve had it with these motherfcking snakes in the motherf*king Capitol!

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