While generally speaking it is the day after Labor Day and the time for navel gazing is over, I do have some announcements about the site. If you look over in the left hand column you will see a new link for downloads of the documentary Bush’s Brain. I watched the movie last week and it is very good and very enteraining. It basically covers the swath of destruction that is Karl Rove’s life. You can download the movie and burn it onto a DVD for $4.95. I get a dollar per download. It’s not much, but every little bit helps.

I am also in the laborious process of updating my feedburner so that it can fit within the soon-to-be-launched Feedburner Networks advertising network. I’ll let everyone know when it is set up properly. If you already subscirbe to the BooTrib RSS feed you should not be affected, but if you are, just speak up. I am baffled by this technology. Once the ad network is launched and starts selling spots, we will see “one ad on the home page (between the first and second post) and below each individual post on the individual archive pages.” Not sure what, if anything, will show up in diaries.

Much more important than all this revenue stuff is Kid Oakland’s efforts to empower the local blogging scene. Blogs United is a DFA affiliated site for local bloggers to communicate with each other. Hopefully it will be developing a Wiki as well. If you are a local blogger, contact Kid Oakland and get an invite.

Don’t miss the series of Labor diaries this week. Thanks to Kahli for thinking of such a wonderful project and organizing it herself.

Since this is a meta thread, I guess anything goes. What’s meta? And what’s mobettameta?