Although I do not live in Tennessee, I am smiling because Harold Ford Jr. is now trailing Republican Bob Corker for Senate by a single point, (45-44%).

Ford is one of the DLC moderates who is just what Tennessee needs. A young, bright, extremely well versed man with new ideas to carry the Democrats onward and upward. If he wins, Ford will join Barack Obama as great ambassadors for African-Americans.

Ford has rallied his support in Tennessee. He was down as much as 12% earlier, but he has talked straight and honest to the people of Tennessee, and that has helped him to narrow the gap impressively.
I call on the people of Tennessee, the home state of Al Gore, to do the right thing and elect Harold Ford Jr. to the Senate. This man is the future of the Democratic party. If he have more people like Harold Ford in the Democratic party, it will be a much better party, and a much better chance of yet again, becoming the majority party.

Rasmussen poll;

Remember, Rasmussen polls tend to favor Republicans.

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