2 new polls came out in the last two days that show Independent Joe Lieberman with leads over Democrat Ned Lamont, and Republican Alan Schlesenger.

In the Zogby poll, Lieberman, who had a 10 point lead, is now up only 4% Lieberman has 46% of the vote to Lamont with 42%. Schlesinger has 3% Poll has a MOE of +– 3.3%

In the SurveyUSA poll, Lieberman has a bigger lead. Joe is up 13%. Lieberman has 51% to Lamont’s 38%. Alan Schlesinger has 7% MOE is +– 4.4%

These polls, combined with the other polls that show Lieberman with either a double digit lead, or as little as 2% If you take all the polls, and round them off, Lieberman has an average lead of 7.3% According to the Stu Rothenberg report, Connecticut, as of now, is considered a “Leans Lieberman” race.