Interesting article by Seth Gitell in the N.Y. Sun this morning. The way the Senate maybe setting up, it well could be a 50-50 tie. I know it’s a long shot, but if it should ever come to that, one person could be instrumental in seeing that Bush’s agenda either passes or fails, and that Senator maybe Joe Lieberman.

That’s right, the man most liberals want to get rid of, simply on the basis of one vote, could be the difference in what happens with Bush’s agenda for the next two years.

If Lieberman survives Lamont’s challenge, and if everything goes the Democrats way, Democrats may have no choice but to court Lieberman on a variety of issues, including the war on terror, Iraq, and the domestic agenda.

Liberals would not want that simply because Lieberman would side with Bush on the terror war, and Iraq. Conservatives would not like it simply because Lieberman would side with Democrats on a whole bunch of other issues, like health care, the enviroment and taxes.
This puts Lieberman in the enviable position of others asking for his vote.

I know it’s going to make most of you in here sick, but what if you had to rely on Joe Lieberman to get something passed?? Interesting, very interesting.