Really, we are.

Everyone recognizes that Bush’s wants a war with Iran, not a diplomatic solution to its unranium enrichment program. Therefore, the rest of the world is taking the matter into their own hands. The Bush adminsitration is being frozen out of the negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Major powers are considering a joint meeting with Iran next week that excludes the United States as a way of bridging a divide over its nuclear program, U.S. and European diplomats said on Saturday. […]

The question is “whether there could be a meeting — not necessarily with the United States — that would allow the Iranians to say there was a process of negotiations that had started and as result of this, they decided to resume the suspension of uranium enrichment,” one diplomat said.

“The pressure is mounting for it to happen next week. That’s an obvious opportunity,” he added, speaking on condition of anonymity. […]

Washington is pushing for major powers to ready sanctions against Iran if there is no breakthrough soon. But Russia, China and a number of European nations are hesitant about such penalties and want to give dialogue with Tehran more time.

While Solana did not offer details of his talks with Larijani, France confirmed Larijani told Solana in Vienna last weekend Tehran was ready to discuss suspending its uranium enrichment program.

But Iranian officials have indicated they could only discuss enrichment suspension once negotiations begin.

The major powers had said they would only hold negotiations after the suspension is declared and verified but the United States, which has had no diplomatic relations with Iran since after the 1979 Islamic revolution, has been most insistent on this point.

To break this logjam may “require to have others, including Britain, France and Germany, sit down at a senior level” with the Iranians next week, a European diplomat said.

This is what always happens to bullies. Eventually the other kids refuse to play with them. As they become isolated, and ever more fearful of losing control, they are likely to lash out in an attempt to re-establish their hegemony.

If this proposed diplomatic meeting with Iran, Russia, China and the European powers does go ahead without the US, expect the level of venom directed at Iran by the White House to rise exponentially. Expect the disinformation machine directed at the American public to go into an even higher gear. And expect Bush’s war plans to be accelerated. Because the last thing Bush, Cheney and Co. want is a solution to the Iranian problem.

In my humble opinion, of course.

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