Here’s what far too many inside the Beltway and corporate media just don’t get or maybe don’t want to get because it might take some work and talking to us degenerates.

Now, I’m not speaking for all BOOMAN-ITES here (that would be far too presumptous and inaccurate)  but sure, we want Democrats elected nationally, state-wide and locally.

But (and here’s the crux), we want ‘clean’ Democrats.

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No, not the washed up (pun intended) kind but those who won’t simply take the place of the bought-and-sold Republicans at the K Street contribution smorgasbord. You know those GOP porkers, the give me a little of that fund and some of those bucks, also a winter trip or two to ‘investigate’ Bermuda and the Virgin Island types.

We desire Dems who demonstrate allegiance to those individual citizens and families they represent (or should represent) back home–the constituents that elected them.

We will figuratively hold the feet to the fire of and disavow any Dem who sells out his or her constituents in exchange for corporative booty.

Okay Beltway-ites and corporate media-ers, go ahead, call it a fantasy, call it the un-real world, call it a dream,

It’s true. We are imbued with the dream of Martin Luther King.

That’s why we are the faces and voices of the ‘new’ Democratic Party.

Just don’t be lazy or thick-headed and demonstrate your personal corruption by simply labeling and dismissing us as a band of left-wingers, liberals or fringe-types.

Because we are patriots. We desire liberty, justice, opportunity and fairness for all–not just for those who can afford to purchase such. We aren’t looking to benefit financially from sweetheart deals and inside contacts–that’s abhorrent to us. We desire bettering our community and country–not ourselves.

What a concept.

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