I’ve been meaning to do this diary since I saw this interview on CNN a few days ago.  I’ve spent some time doing some editing to show you how just how disturbed this man you have in “control” of your country really is.

This video will show you:

  • a president of the free world smirking and laughing relentlessly at inappropriate moments for 5 freaking minutes — and I’ve edited out a lot!

  • a stunned Wolf Blitzer (He may finally realize what is happening here)

  • The most callous statement I’ve ever heard this worthless piece of shit ever utter out of his pie-hole — about the innocent lives of thousands of Iraqi citizens. (I repeated that moment 3 times for you)

I am NOT exaggerating, folks!  This video almost made me puke — and I’ve got a pretty good tolerance for this kind of stuff.  

(see it below — and send it to all of the people you know who do not believe that you have a sociopath in the Oval Office)

If the Devil is as disturbed as this man — Chavez was, indeed, correct.

Watch this video, and you will understand why I continue to call this man “Chuckle-nuts”:

(click HERE or on pic to view video)