11,000 top world business leaders who hate our freedom have attacked Bush and the GOP. According to a report by the World Economic Forum, the US has plunged from the world’s most competitive economy to number 6, behind Switzerland, three Scandanavian countries, and Singapore.

The Forum attributes America’s deteriorating business climate to huge debt and deficit, falling confidence in the nation’s leadership, and inadequate health and education support:

Published: September 26, 2006
GENEVA U.S. economic competitiveness fell significantly over the last year, as high budget and trade deficits combined with low health and education standards to worsen America’s business environment, according to a survey released Tuesday by the World Economic Forum.

The poor response to Hurricane Katrina, government corruption and a decreasing talent pool for employment due to immigration restrictions were other factors cited by the forum, which moved the United States to sixth in its “global competitiveness index” from the top spot a year ago.

“While strengths in the technological and market efficiency sectors explain the country’s overall high rank, the U.S. economy suffers from striking weaknesses,” the report said. “There is significant risk to both the country’s overall competitiveness and, given the relative size of the U.S., the future of the global economy.”

Really, thanks a ton, GOP. You’re the party of business, right? You sure did a bang-up job for some other countries, at least. Switzerland thanks you. Finland, Sweden and Norway thank you. Singapore thanks you. What Americans want to know, though, is: are you as good at keeping us safe as you are at keeping us competitive? There’s an intelligence report out there that has the sad answer to that one, too.

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