Liberal Street Fighter

Senator Joe Lieberman confronts wimpy challenger Lamont

Why, oh why, are the nerdroots suprised?

After the primary, DC Democrats dissuaded Lamont from attacking Lieberman, essentially promising him that they would talk Joe out of running.  This was of course a lie, but it worked.  They lied not only to Lamont, but to us, and to regular activist Democrats who work for the party and play by the rules.  

Face it. The corporate-teat-suckling Donks don’t like voters. They don’t like you newfangled activists. They’ll USE you, but when they’re done you’re flushed like a used condom. They’ll pour some Zima down your throats, pass you around and then drop you off in front of your dorm all sticky and degraded. In the big frat row that is this country’s government, unless challengers are either legacies or is actively rushed, the brothers in the big-domed frat house don’t want them.

It was a lie, just another lie. Funny, though, how people keep falling for it. Want to crash the gates, you morons? Go Bluto on their asses.

“Screw you, no more free votes, you hacks”