This is all the world needs. Bush Team wants to place a US General in charge of ALL UN peacekeeping missions. This would essentially make Mr. Preemptive, Unilateral Decider the Commander In Chief of worldwide military missions with an extra 95,000 soldiers (or UN peacekeepers) to manage “trouble spots from Lebanon to Sudan.”
The Australian reports this “hugely controversial” measure would be a huge step backwards to how the UN operated when established in WWII as a “US-led alliance.” Some UN officials are concerned that the US may use UN forces for covert actions “as it did with the UN weapons inspection teams in the Iraq of Saddam Hussein.”  IT may also be Bush’s exit strategy for Iraq and Afghanistan by replacing US troops with UN forces. Today, the NATO commander indicated that a victory in Afghanistan is not doable without more troops.

It is quite likely that Bush may succeed with this game plan:

“The US is in a strong position to get the top peacekeeping job – currently held by a Frenchman -because of its decisive support in electing Ban Ki Moon, the South Korean Foreign Minister, as the next UN Secretary-General.
Mr Ban, who takes over on January 1, is setting up a transition team to select his top officials and is coming under heavy pressure from the big powers to appoint their favourites to key posts.”

Bush Team is justifying its “right” to head worldwide military operations by citing US contributions to the UN.  The US only contributes a fraction of the peacekeeping forces:  335 peacekeepers and 330 civilians out of 95,000 UN peacekeepers.  However, the US cites that it pays 26% of the UN peacekeeping budget:

“We pay the most,” the US official said. “It almost goes without saying that if the Americans are spending the most money on peacekeeping we should have a say in the management of it. It’s about time.”

The seriousness of this proposal can not be underestimated. Under Bush’s great commander-in-chief skills, the world now has conflicts in Iraq and  Afghanistan and wars which have worsened by his neglect in the Middle East and Africa. Taliban and insurgent republics are spreading throughout Iraq and Afghanistan because Bush failed to provide sufficient ground forces.

The Iraq war is spreading into Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia while Bush is prepping Latin America with permanent military bases. Meanwhile, administration hawks are promoting a confrontational stance against Russia and China and advancing with plans to control space, which then brings India into the global space wars. And, now the Afghanistan war is spreading into Pakistan. NATO, Afghanistan and Pakistan agree that “NATO forces operating in Afghanistan would be allowed to conduct hot-pursuit operations across the border into Pakistan.”

In addition to seeking control over UN peacekeeping forces, Bush Team is working on a “parallel diplomatic track” to establish a coalition of nations to sanction Iran should the UN not cave to Bush’s whims.

Many seemed confidant that Bush could not accomplish his neocon plans to spread wars in Iran, Syria and elsewhere because the continuing Iraq and Afghanistan wars have wrecked our troop capability for new wars.  Now we can see that Bush’s answer is to get more cannon fodder not by a US draft, but by taking over 95,000 UN peacekeeping forces.  Seems Bush actually has a 3-pronged plan for world peace:  (1) Bully the heads of foreign countries to bow to his wishes, but if that does not work, (2) impose sanctions with a coalition working outside the UN and (3) be ready to deploy UN forces in combination with US troops and NATO.

Now, more so than ever before, world peace truly lies in the voters’ hands.

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