Not much new to report. Turnout in Connecticut is reportedly higher than it was in 2004. That’s significant because 2004 was obviously a Presidential election year. Connecticut wasn’t exactly competitive, though, so that may be part of the explanation. But, only part of it. It seems to me that the wave of new registrations in Connecticut was probably driven by the Senate race and organizations like A lot of national media coverage has helped. And the netroots and Lamont campaign have done most of the rest.

One thing that I can say for sure is that there will be a LOT more Democrats showing up as a result of the increased turnout than Republicans. It’s still hard to say whether Lamont can overcome the polling deficit, but this is a very good sign for our three congressional candidates and could even make the Governor’s race competitive.

I am willing to bet that the Lieberman/Lamont race is going to be very close, not the 12-point race the polls predicted.

Got any campaign news?

Update [2006-11-7 15:24:40 by BooMan]: Posted at alohaleezy’s request. Can I admit to loving this George Michael album and song?

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