I went to a huge Music Festival once that had something they called “The Oasis” for festival goers who might be feeling overwhelmed by it all in some manner, to go to “regroup”, and/or to find some additional emotional support for themselves during the festival.  

They had it set up as a sort of  retreat place: cots for those who needed to rest, volunteers who could offer massage, or just  be good listeners, etc. If you needed to pound some frustration out on a pillow there was a place for that, too!
So I’m setting this Election Oasis Place  here today, so we can help each other out if we need to regroup or renew,  or blow off steam in a safe place.  

It is also a big enough place to do cartwheels and back flips in when the news is GOOD!

Off to vote now, be back later to see how it’s all going!

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