For earlier results (6PM-8PM poll closings) and discussion, see the thread immediately below:

NOTES: (1) CNN Elections Projections tells you who’s been declared a winner. (2) And TPMCafe’s Election Central Scoreboard has a tally of all the races at the top, which should be updated to give us the new totals as races are called. (ALSO: CNN Elections Projects has an ongoing tally of the number of Dems/Repubs in the Senate/House in the right column.)

8:30 p.m.

Arkansas G

9 p.m.

Arizona GS

Colorado G


Minnesota GS

Nebraska GS

New Mexico GS

New York GS

Rhode Island GS

South Dakota G

Wisconsin GS

Wyoming GS

10 p.m.

Idaho G

Iowa G

Montana S
Nevada GS
Utah S

11 p.m.

California GS

Hawaii GS
Oregon G

Washington S


Alaska G

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