Oh my friends, what a glorious day this is for us. First last night’s victories and tidal wave of new seats. This morning we get Rummy’s resignation. It just keeps getting better.

But what this is really all about for me is that we the people still have the power as long as we have the right to vote and challenge those votes.

Two years ago, I asked the gentleman that works for me here as my maintenance man(he was already on board when I was hired)if he was going to vote. He said yes, of course. Then he started asking me questions about Kerry. You see, he is an immigrant from Mexico but is a citizen of the USA now. He takes this right very seriously. He was so proud to tell me two years ago that he decided to vote for Kerry. He hated the war.

Yesterday, he asked me about some of the propositions here in California and I tried to explain where and why I stood on these, including a teeanger’s right to privacy about abortion and parental notification. He was very intent on knowing.

Today he came into my office beaming. He asked, “So, what do you think of the election”? Of course I was beaming and probably in the best mood I have been in a long time. I told him how excited I was. He looked me in the eye, smiling and said “Me too! I voted all democrats. ” He hadn’t heard of the resignation of Rummy yet so I told him. He said, “That is just the beginning. From my point of view, there will be many more consequences to pay. This is a good day.”

Yes, my friends, this is a very good day.