At least it’s the beginning of the end.  America will awake by the dawn’s early light this November 8, 2006 renewed to Her original purpose and on the verge of changing the miserable course She’s been hijacked to follow by despicable politicians calling themselves Republicans, when they are in fact thugs and killers of the American Dream.

The world is about to become a safer place for Democracy.
I’m not going to chant, “Death to the neocons,” while singing victory anthems to Democrats.  But my hymn of affirmation to one will be my eulogy over the other.

So many firsts and near-firsts to be proud of in their accomplishment and in their attempt in this, our just-written history.

So many promises to be fulfilled for the uninsured, the minimum wage-earners, the immigrants who want a better life, the under-employed who want an improved standard of living, and the under class who want a fair chance.

The breeze that carries true freedom is wafting once again across our land, and I hope it carries with it the refreshed hopes of all our citizens to infuse us with the true Spirit of America and to cleanse us of the wretched excess of those who kidnapped our country six years ago, and to restore to us all the parental liberties that have been sacrificed in their false cause.

Starting tomorrow, I can believe that soldiers will return home, that the national debt will be reduced, that the military will be relieved of wars of misadventure, that justice may prevail over the corrupt, that America is returning to her rightful place among the family of nations, recovering her respect and honor.

What I see . . .It’s a beautiful thing.  The nightmare is ending, the dream returns.

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