We need to drive the following message home, and we need to do it quickly, while the election is fresh in everyone’s mind:

Now that the election is over, let’s talk about its implications. The country has seen complete Republican control of government and did not like the results.

Make no mistake, the policy disasters of the last six years are not primarily a function of incompetence, though that was certainly to be had in abundance. They are the result of the unfettered implementation of Republican policy. This Republican majority has controlled the policy agenda to an unheard of extent. They controlled all the levers of government. They did exactly what they set out to do and said that they would. And the results have been catastrophic.

The American people have now seen what happens when those who believe that government is the problem are placed in control of government, and they have resoundingly rejected the results. Not one Democratic incumbent at the national level was defeated. Not one. This is unprecedented in modern American history. But it should not come as a surprise. Not with the disastrous results of Republican public policy now clear for all to see. Hopefully it is a lesson we will not soon forget.

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