October 9th of this year, my brother LCpl Jon E Bowman died. He was a marine and died in combat. As I was reading this website, I became a little uneasy. How can so many people get on here and post the things that you have.

   My brother died for his country and the freedom for all of us. He died so that you can sit here and have freedom of speech, the only thing is you don’t really appreciate it. You all say that this war is full of lies and so on. I’m thinking that maybe it’s going to take another 9/11 for any of you people to realize that you don’t just let a terrorist attack take place and move on with your lives.

   I’d like to see you have your house beat down into nothing, or your car set on fire and you just move on with your life as though it’s no big deal. The fact is our whole country was in danger and these men are out there to protect all of us, so that our houses aren’t getting bombed.

   It just makes me so angry to see you people sit there and listen to the media and the lies and somehow the media has that much power of your mind. You don’t make up your mind, the media does. I have to admit, I am angry with some of the things with this war. I have no doubt in my mind that it should exist, simply because we were attacked and that’s what you do when you’re attacked you’re supposed to do all you can to protect whoever or whatever is in danger.

    I feel as though we are a little too humane. Our men are over there to fight and trust me some of you think that they are too harsh, they aren’t. The United States is trying to do the right thing regardless, but we cannot let our men continue to die because we are too humane and we do not want to take the chance to kill an innocent Iraqi. I get that, I do but then there comes the frustration of the fact that it’s so easy for the Al Qeada to kill one of us.

    So the next time any of you get ready to protest against this war maybe, just maybe you should do some research.

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