Some of you have said I am not in the right state of mind, maybe you’re right. Some of the things I’ve read on here made me angry. I’ve found myself angry at the war one minute, angry at Bush, just angry. Then I did some research and thought to myself about this all.

     I understand some of your point of views, I do. What trigured my anger was something I read on here. I read something along the lines of …" 26 men already died and it’s been only 11 days, 26 lives wasted.." I cannot be exact on the words but they were something along those lines.

    What angered me the most was, whoever this person was, they were saying that these Soldiers wasted their lives. Maybe your opinion is they did, but mine is they didn’t. There are many things I don’t like about this war, then there are things I agree.

    I feel that most people focus on what’s wrong and they do not recognize what good deeds we have and will do. For example: The John Gebhardt story, google it. * He is a real Star of the war and is representative of what America is trying to do.

     My opinion is different than others, and my intentions were not to lash out at people the way that I did. Reading that they wasted their lives upset me. In my opinion they did not, my brother nor the others who have died. I do think we should honor their name and some of you are doing that.


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