It’s funny that I received more hate mail today than I have received in quite a while and that it all came from supporters of Jack Murtha. As you know, I reluctantly endorsed Murtha over Hoyer because Pelosi wanted him, because he is a strong voice on the war, and because his corruption served his district, while Hoyer’s serves corporate America. Basically, I’d like to see them both taken out of Congress on a rail, but if you make me choose, I choose Murtha. He lost. And I really don’t care, and didn’t care going in.

Anyway, Murtha supporters are mad at me for endorsing Murtha with insufficient enthusiasm…I guess. Whatever.

If you want to see how a real leader deals with corrupt politicians, look no further than Eliot Spitzer.

Governor-elect Eliot Spitzer will almost certainly ask the State Senate to remove Comptroller Alan G. Hevesi, who used a state worker as a chauffeur for his ailing wife, after the new term begins in January, people involved in the discussions said on Thursday.

Mr. Spitzer, the attorney general until the end of the year, is awaiting the outcome of three inquiries into Mr. Hevesi’s conduct — including one by his own office, from which he has recused himself — before he makes a final decision.

But the governor-elect is inclined to push for Mr. Hevesi’s removal based on information disclosed in a scathing State Ethics Commission report issued last month, the people involved in the discussions said. Those people spoke on condition of anonymity because Mr. Spitzer’s decision is not final.

“While a personally painful decision, it’s an easy decision because the facts are clear,” said one person with knowledge of the governor’s thinking on the issue. “What would the drive for greater accountability and a higher ethical standard mean if you tolerated that level of abuse? He will move swiftly and aggressively to remove him.”

Christine Anderson, a spokeswoman for Mr. Spitzer’s transition team, had no comment.

Mr. Hevesi, in a statement issued by his office in response to questions for this article, said, “Honest concern for my wife led me to make a mistake for which I have apologized.

“Knowing the facts, millions of New Yorkers elected me by an overwhelming percentage to serve another four year term as comptroller,” he said. “That is what I intend to do.”

Mr. Hevesi, who, like Mr. Spitzer, is a Democrat, reimbursed the state $82,688.82 for the cost of the driver after the issue became public in late September. A few days before the election, Mr. Spitzer’s office asked him to place an additional $90,000 in an escrow account pending the outcome of its investigation.

Spitzer is a personal hero of mine and yet even I am impressed with his dedication to principle. Nancy Pelosi owes loyalty to the people that put her where she is today. I respect that. But I respect Eliot Spitzer a hell of a lot more. She should start taking notes.

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