Sam Brownback wants to be our President and then he acts like this:

Democratic U-S Senator Carl Levin says it’s “very inappropriate” for a Kansas senator to ask a federal judicial nominee to promise not to rule on gay marriage cases.

Senator Sam Brownback says he’ll lift his hold on the confirmation of Michigan Appeals Judge Janet Neff to the federal bench if she agrees to step aside from gay marriage matters.

The Kansas Republican has stalled Neff’s nomination to a federal judgeship in western Michigan because she attended a lesbian commitment ceremony of a family friend.

Levin says the request undermines judicial integrity.

And then he has the audacity to say this:

Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback, among the most conservative of the potential Republican presidential candidates, said Tuesday there’s room in the GOP for candidates who favor gay rights, but he warned that such politicians wouldn’t be welcomed by the party’s conservative base.

“It’s a big-tent party and has been for a long period of time, particularly since Ronald Reagan talked about this being a party of different viewpoints,” said Brownback. “If somebody agrees with you 80 percent of the time, he’s not your enemy.”

Jesus Christ. Brownback is putting a hold on a judge because she went to the lesbian commitment ceremony of a friend, and he doesn’t think he is the enemy of gay people? He’s the enemy of all but the nastiest, meanest, pettiest homophobes in our dear nation. He wants a judge to agree not to rule on gay marriage because she was reckless enough to show support for her friend?

Sam Brownback should be a national pariah. A laughing stock is too good for him. He’s worse than a joke; he’s a menace.

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