The Booman Backstory of Family Man is complete and online. Following the link to the website. Go to Archives. Begin with the FM introduction and follow the documents in order. I’ll be going back and cleaning up the sloppy typing mistakes and whatnot, but the story is complete.  There is a place at the bottom of each page for comments or to email me. Feel free to use either or both. If you find any plotting errors, names, dates, etc, please bring them to my attention and I will correct them.

I’ll now return to the Meta-story and continue to reveal the dark secrets and quiet heroism of the men and women of the Frog Pond.

To those serious souls who object to this diary as inappropriate for a political blog, well, a community needs humor as well as politics. If Booman finds this Project inappropriate, well, I doubt anyone will read this, so I can grovel. Please, Booman, please, it’s a joke. I worked really hard on it. And your part has yet to be written. We could work out a deal. Do you still want to be the 6’5″, 240 lb, ruggedly handsome Giants QB, the two three-time Super Bowl MVP? It could be arranged. And we can just edit out the desert sheik picture and the infamous “Shorts still” from the Peace march. Think about it, OK?

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