this diary is dedicated to all who suffer because of war

we love and support our troops, just as we love and support the Iraqi people – without exception, or precondition, or judgment

we have no sympathy for the devil.

we acknowledge the power to act that is in us

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Cynthia Garcia, left, mother of U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer Ruel Garcia, and his wife Apple Garcia cover their face in grief during his funeral, in this Feb. 7, 2006, file photo, at a cemetery in Obando town, north of Manila, Philippines. Warrant Officer Garcia, a pilot of the U.S. Army 4th Aviation Regiment, Aviation Brigade, 4th Infantry Division was killed in Taji, Iraq while on mission.
(AP Photo/Pat Roque/FILE)

Good Night
by Wilhelm Müller  

I came as a stranger; as a stranger now I leave. The flowers of May once
welcomed me warmly; a young girl spoke of love, her mother even of marriage.
Now all is bleak–the pathway covered with snow.

The time of departure is not mine to choose; I must find my way alone in
this darkness. With the shadow of the moon at my side, I search for traces of
wildlife in the white snow.

Why should I linger and give them reason to send me away? Let stray hounds
howl outside their master’s house. Love likes to wander from one to another,
as if God willed it so. My darling, farewell.

A quiet step, a careful shutting of the door so your sleep is not disturbed,
and two words written on the gate as I leave, “Good night,” to let you know I
thought of you.

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