MOst New Year celebrations in Bangkok were cancelled after a series of bomb explosions that left at least three dead and more injured.

From the Nation (Thailand):


String of blasts rock Bangkok, killing 2

New Year’s Eve parties cancelled / Rumours point to ‘undercurrents’ / Police, military out in force around country

Police and military personnel were scrambling to find out who was behind what seems to have been a coordinated bomb attack in the capital last night that left two people dead and more than 20 people injured.

Bangkok was rocked by six explosions early in the evening at widely separate parts of the city, completely disrupting New Year’s Eve celebrations. Tens of thousands of alarmed people swarmed out of the city centre hours before midnight after the capital’s major parties were cancelled.

One person was killed and at least 17 injured when a powerful bomb went off at the Victory Monument at about 6.30pm. The blast ripped through bus stops, shattering windows at a restaurant and sent debris flying in all directions. The dead man was identified as Songkran Kanjana. His age was not known.

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The reference to undercurrents in the first sentence refers to supporters of the previous regime ousted by the military who have been linked to the serial destruction of schools in areas supportive of the Mr. Thaksin the ousted PM.

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