The great American mythmaking machine,in one of its multifaceted attempts to rewrite history,has maintained that the landing of US forces at Normandy was the event that tilted the balance in favor of the allies.Paul Craig Roberts, in a recent piece , takes issue with this revisionist history and shows that after Stalingrad, the Red Army had rolled up all Nazi resistance and was within striking distance of liberating Western Europe.That the Soviet Union lost 25 million of its own people to the Wehrmacht appears to have eluded the thinking of our historians.

Rewriting history to suit our current propaganda needs is a task at which we excel.With characteristic thoroughness we fail to use the word aggression when we refer to our assault on Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and now Iraq and Afghanistan.This is no different from the Soviet Union’s use of words like fraternal aid to Hungary, Czechoslavakia and others.

Going back to history and the roles played by Wall Street and US corporations in the building of the Nazi War machine,one is struck by the sheer number of American apologists for the Nazis.Men like Prescott Bush (yes, that Bush),Averell Harriman,Dillon, Nitze make their appearance time and again.So do IBM,DuPont and others.All these worthies were dead set against America’s entry into WWII on the side of the allies.

In 1941,things took a diametrically opposite turn.In June the Nazis launched Barbarossa after supposedly being turned back after the Battle of Britain.That was also the period in which Rudolf Hess made his solo flight to Britain and was branded a crazy renegade both by the Nazis and Winston Churchill.Given the sudden turn by Hitler to suspend operations against Britain and direct his fury at Russia, it stands to reason that Britain and Germany reached some sort of an agreement and the Nazi dictator was given assurance that Britain would not join forces with the Soviet Union against the Nazis.Churchill expected the Russians to fold against the Nazi war machine and felt he had bought time against the Nazis.

Unfortunately,the Nazi war machine was ground down after reaching the gates of Moscow at the height of winter.This is when Roosevelt and Churchill decided to bring the US into the picture through the creation of another bogeyman, “the yellow peril”, at Pearl Harbor.
A little racism and a staged event worked well then as it does now.That led to the collapse of the Nazi sympathizers and the US made its entry into the war on D-Day just eleven months before VE Day.

This brings me to my point.Our historians,by and large, are men and women who create myths favorable to the American version of history.In this instance, by downplaying the enormous sacrifices the Soviet Union made and ignoring the treachery of Churchill, they have managed to extend WWII to the cold war era and demonized an ally who bore the brunt of the Nazi assaults in Europe.This chicanery also made it possible for those Nazi sympathizers to seize the initiative after WWII and create the military-industrial complex, something President Eisenhower saw clearly and warned us about.Men like Nitze,Kennan,Harriman,Dillon and others were great admirers of the Nazis and saw the potential to enrich themselves by supporting  post war Germany and Japan against the Soviet Union.

Like they say,”That’s all,folks!”

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