The term “neocon” has come to identify a group of “public intellectuals” who have been the promoters of the failed Iraq policy. They include Bill Kristol, the Kagan boys, and 5 or 6 more.
They are not “neo” and they are not “con”.  None of them are “neo”, being around the venues which employ public intellectuals for years and years, despite their incredible lack of success and accuracy.  Then are also not “con”, since no “con” would be so foolish, profligate and incompetent as this bunch of hopeless clowns.   They have, for the last 6 years, been wrong time and time again, and yet they continue to offer the same remarkably stupid ideas, delivered in the neocon  “whack-a-mole” argumentation (this is an argumentation style in which you cyclically offer talking points which have been refuted, but which you refuse to admit have been taken off the table).

So, here’s my contest:

What is a better name for this bunch of hopeless clowns?  I have 2, but will wait until Wed to reveal them to see what others suggest

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