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One of the Democrats first promises, passing a minimum wage bill, was filled this past week with 82 Republicans voting yes in an effort to save their political necks. The Senate is expected to do the same soon. However, 116 Republicans voted no. One of those leading the way was North Carolina’s own Virginia Foxx.

Foxx has a history of supporting legislation that directly supports Bush’s goals but is counter-productive to helping her constituents in North Carolina’s Fifth District. In fact, a rule of thumb can be applied to Congresswoman Foxx – if a bill hurts the Fifth District, she will vote for it. She always has.

Since Reagan left office, the Fifth District, as well as the rest of North Carolina, lost all three of its top industries – tobacco, furniture and textiles. Typically a state can lose one of its top industries and still manage to remain stable, but not all three.

But under the tender guiding hand of North Carolina’s elected Republicans such as Richard Burr, Elizabeth Dole, Jesse Helms, Virginia Foxx and Howard Coble, North Carolina has done nothing but suffer.

I keep hearing NC politicians speaking about how bio-tech is the answer to saving the North Carolina economy. Well, here is the way I see it. How many people do you know with cochlear implants? Now, how many people do you know that wear blue jeans?