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Lies are all we have been fed by Bush since before the 2000 election – a steady diet of lies, deceit and treachery.

For six straight years, my mouth has had the taste of ash. The longer the Iraq debacle continues, the more American lives are flushed surely down the toilet, the worse the taste gets.

It is a bitter elixir – yellowcake, drones, wmd, Plame, warrant-less wiretaps, No Child Left Behind, Clean Skies Initiative, Abu Ghraib, Gitmo, Habeas Corpus, Schivo, stacking the court, stem cells, closed-door oil deals, Osama Bin Who, no-bid contracts, Abramoff, Halliburton overcharges, global warming, North Korean nukes, poverty, inaccessible healthcare, faltering economy, downward spiraling education, UN wiretapping, Coalition of the Willing (Bribed), aluminum tubes, and mother-fucking Katrina.

It has become too much for me to swallow. I can’t choke down anymore.

Impeachment is my cure.

A war crimes tribunal for the Decider is my dessert.

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