Canada`s prime minister Stephen[editor’s note, by KNUCKLEHEAD] Harper apologized to Mr. Arar & announced a 10.5 million dollar compensation for the harm done to him.
On a return trip from a family vacation in Tunisia, Mr Arar was detained in the US., chained & shackled for 11 days during interogation then renditioned to Syria. If you remember last week, during testimony at a hearing with Abu Gonzales, Mr. Arar`s case was brought up by Sen. Patrick Leahy, the new Democratic head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, scolding US Attorney General, Albert Gonzales, for not explaining why Mr. Arar, a Canadian citizen,  was sent to Syria. In Syria for 10 months, he was tortured into making false confessions. Syria then released him saying they had no reason to hold him any longer. Although this man was cleared of any ties to any terrorist organization by Canadian authorities, the US refuses to remove him from any terror lists or from the “No Fly” list.
From the article:
“U.S. Ambassador to Canada, David Wilkins, on Wednesday chastised Canadian Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day for continuing to press Washington on the Arar matter.

“It’s a little presumptuous of him to say who the United States can and cannot allow into our country,” Wilkins said.”
What he might have said was that nobody tells the US who we can torture.
In the aftermath of Mr Arar`s case being made public, RCMP commissioner Giulliano Zacardelli resigned over his handling of the file.
Mr. Arar : “Arar said his case has forced some Canadians to question their relationship to the United States, noting U.S. authorities declined to participate in Canada’s federal inquiry.

“It’s a question that touches all Canadians,” Arar said. “Can we really trust the Americans to be our partners in the fight against terrorism?”
Who`s next? You? Your mom? Your brother? Me?  

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