My take on the Spocko-KSFO radio station dustup:

Try pointing out to haters of their hate and they offer up more hate.

Point out this hate to advertisers supporting the specific medium of the haters and the haters up the hate.

‘That’s hurting me’ the haters cry, oblivious to the irony. Their hyperventilating honor code: “Whatever I want to hate, I should be able to hate whenever I want to hate, and wherever I want to hate, without any hateful repercussions.”
The po’r wittle haters hate to have their hate medium’s financial status affected by hearty advertisers who, when informed, hate to hear such hate.

The haters cry: ‘It’s plain hateful not to give us hateful financial backing so that we can hate to the hilt. We want to freely hate and should be handsomely haul in heapings of renumerations for our habitual hair-trigger habit. Otherwise, the hackles of the inhabitants of Hatedom will be raised and our hadj to Hatedom will leave us haggard. The heavy-handed and hallucinatory half-baked half-bloods and half-breeds harmonizingly hammering at us half-cocked must halt. We do not hem and haw about this. We’ve had it up to here with this hooey and are ready to hogtie and hoist our hatchets into the highfalutin hijackers of our hate.’

Here’s some of the hateful handiwork of the haters:

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