Thanks to Larry’s link in today’s fp post, I was reminded of The site’s servers went down on Sunday when it was featured on Washington Journal. It’s up and running now, and full of information.

Eason Jordan, a former CNN employee, is one of IraqSlogger’s founders. He said one of their goals is to bring good news from there. In that vein, today I read that CBS reporter Kimberly Dozier has recovered and is back at work.

A second entry that is now posted is a photo collection from Saturday’s march.  Close-ups of some of the more “extravagant” costumes range from a Santa to Dancing Flowers. The headline doesn’t call this Good News, but I see it that way!

Sad news is the diary of an 11-year-old boy who attends school as the only one in his class. There’s got to be a way to end the violence.

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