I am very sad and I don’t want to sit alone with it.

I’ve tried hard to convince myself I’m really not all THAT attached to this blogging community: after all it’s just a blog, not real life.

 But I wouldn’t hurt like this, over “just a blog”. I only feel this sad when I am losing people I truly care for, with whom I’ve shared a special time and place that has become part of my life. A place that feels like it is slipping away from me even as I write.  

Super, Leezy, I so much hate to see you leave, even as I honor and understand your need to do so. I’ll miss Spidey too, as I have missed many others who have moved on in less than happy circumstances.  

On my smugly serene days, I hand out some mighty fine advice about how important it is to learn to “let go” of what one cannot change, and move on with life. I know I can and I will, with or without this place or any other certain place.

But in this world the way it is now, connections such as are made between us, in places like this seem more precious now than ever before.  We cannot be sure of our world anymore: or if it will even survive the madness.  We don’t know how much longer we may even have, to be able to connect with each other like this, across the miles.

How can it be, then, that perceived slights or insults become so much more important than remembering this reality?  How is it that it becomes so much more important to spew rage at each other than to hang on to each other. Just how much more important is it to be “right” and to prove another “wrong”, rather than live, let live and listen to each other?

I am too sad to be mad at anybody right now.  I’m even too sad to swear, and that doesn’t happen often.  Because I know there’s nothing I can do about any of this: not what’s happening here, not what’s happening to my country, not what’s happening in Iraq or anywhere else.

I just wish I could gather up everyone I care about, here and elsewhere, and hold them all close while I can.  

Thanks for listening.

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