It’s time to start talking seriously about the imminent and immediate danger that President Bush, Vice President Cheney and other prominent members of this administration pose to the future of this country, as well as the already-disastrous Middle East. Yes, we talk about it here, and yes we all wish that they would just up and leave. But the fact is, not only is that not gonna happen, but every new day brings another example of how delusional, unhinged, aggressive and detached from reality these people are.

Now, I’m not going to try and debate the merits or feasibility of impeaching Cheney (yes, it should be done) or removing Bush either via impeachment or via the 25th Amendment (which won’t be done but his ability to perform his duties as President and Commander in Chief is eroding on a daily basis). However, a serious discussion as to the relative fitness that these people have for the offices they hold – at a time in history where we need strong, honest, bold, decisive (and not in a “Decider” kind of way) and forward looking leaders – needs to be initiated and make its way into public consciousness.

These people have already shown that they will lie, cheat, steal, and threaten national security – even under oath. They have repeatedly shown a horrific lack of judgment, morals, compassion for their fellow Americans and for other countries whose citizens have sacrificed lives and dollars for a cause that was falsely billed as “just and right”.

Whether it is justifying or authorizing torture, conspiring to leak classified information and destroying out ability to track proliferation nuclear weapons, threatening and bullying others around the world, turning down offer after offer by Iran to negotiate (and then lying about it as Condoleezza Rice did), bankrupting our economy, dumbing down our schools, willfully neglecting hundreds of thousands of people stranded in the Gulf Coast or using illegal and banned chemical weapons – it just keeps getting worse.

I refused to watch Bush’s press conference from yesterday, but the snippets I read about and the comments from fellow kossacks made me even more concerned. Yes, Bush is a dolt. Yes, he is impatient. Yes, he is a stubborn prick. But he is now talking in circles – repeating points that don’t make sense and barely constitute coherent sentences.

Yes, I know that is not new. But when we have an ever increasing civil war which is getting bloodier by the minute in Iraq and the President is still in relative (if not out-and-out) denial about the situation, there is a big fucking problem. When the same fake evidence is produced by the same liars that lied to us about Iraq and nobody has actually seen proof, there is a big fucking problem. When the evidence – even if true is not even close to being worth pursuing military action, there is a big fucking problem. When even the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the National Security Advisor don’t think the evidence links Iran’s government – there is a big fucking problem.

Our troops are stuck in a horrible situation which is only going to become miserable in a short time. There is a lack of the proper armor. There is no strategy other than “to win”, which is as big a disservice to the troops as the lies that sent them there in the first place. This country’s infrastructure is being ignored. Roads, railways, power grids, power plants, airports are all being ignored as far as safety and upkeep goes. Millions are without jobs. Millions more are without healthcare.

Iran’s people and their powerful are NOT happy with Ahmadinejad. Bush knows this. Cheney knows this. Rice knows this. Iran could be on the cusp of reform – as it was before Ahmadinejad took office. But any military action will likely radicalize the masses and will ensure another generation – if not more – of hostility and another “Cold War” type situation. At every turn, these so-called “leaders” of ours have led us to the brink of disaster – even over the line into “disaster territory” on more than one occasion.

A few things are true:

Iran is NOT an imminent threat to our national security. Yet, even if they were, this administrations stunning lack of foresight (even if their goal was to implement the PNAC plan, it would take more planning than they did) has put us in a position where we can’t even deal with Iran.

The complete lack of credibility that America has as a result of lie after lie after lie has resulted in a situation where, even if there was evidence of Iran pointing nukes directly at the United States, nobody would believe it. The trust and goodwill that the US had in the international community has been willfully squandered. We have become a laughingstock to the world – the punch line of a bad joke.

This country is in a very precarious situation – in Iraq, from an economic and debt standpoint, its policies on the environment, on healthcare, on national security, on homeland security, education, jobs, housing and scores of other areas. Pretty much all of this deterioration has occurred over the past six years. Pretty much all of it was from the active policies of this administration.

A house of cards can only stand for so long. This is the case for the Bush administration. The Libby trial has shed a light on the depth and extent that these criminals would go to cover up their lies and intimidate those who dare criticize. It also showed the depth of the evil that is Vice President Cheney. More recently, Congressional hearings and testimony have shed a light on the stovepiping of bad intelligence to sell a war. This same stovepiping – by the same people is happening right now. Lies are being exposed. Fingers are being pointed.

And we are watching the very high profile, very public meltdown of a United States President. A so-called “Commander in Chief” who can’t even handle a few pointed and necessary questions from a compliant and deferential press corps. We are watching our Vice President present as “absolute” statements that are long on innuendo, threats and manipulation but even shorter on truth and evidence. We are watching a combative Secretary of State outright lie about negotiation proposals from Iran. The same Secretary of State that nobody in the Middle East wants to talk to.

The administration has become the Land of the Broken Toys. Except for the fact that we all felt sorry for those toys. We shouldn’t feel sorry for these people. They are willfully endangering our country and future every single day. They are unfit for office. They are unhinged, angry, delusional, out of the mainstream.

They are a threat to all of us and to the world at large. They must be removed. And this country deserves nothing less than a debate on their fitness for office, especially at this time in history.

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